What we do

Ability Leak Detection uses acoustic listening devices to locate the source of the leak. Where the leak is extremely small and low pressure, we may also use a compressor to increase the pressure and therefore the noise of the leak, making it easier to find. We find this to be the most accurate method and often get calls to jobs where other companies have used trace gas and thermal imaging and were not successful in finding the leak.

The Process

  • Free Consultation

    Ability Leak Detection offers a free consultation to all clients, during which we establish the cause of the problem the client is encountering and what steps we will use to find the leak.

  • Investigate the leak

    If the client is happy to avail of our services after the initial consultation, we will then arrange with them a date and time to investigate the leak.

  • Locate & Fix the leak

    We use the highest standards & the best technology to find and fix the leak


Ability Leak Detection aims to keep the cost to the client to a minimum. Therefore our call-out fee can be as low as €70, depending on the distance to be traveled. We have the lowest hourly rate in the leak detection business. Depending on the size of the project and the time it takes, costs may be negotiated in the clients’ favour.

Do you suspect a leak?

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