How to check your home for an internal plumbing issue

How to check your home for an internal plumbing issue

You can complete our suggested checks to determine if an internal plumbing issue or leak may explain a higher than normal water meter reading.

If you have mobility concerns we recommend that you ask a neighbour or family member to help you complete these checks.


Check the toilet

Is there a constant sound of water running from any of your toilet cisterns?

  • Look for a stream of water running inside the toilet bowl – you can shine a torch to help you see this.
  • Alternatively, place a piece of toilet paper on the inside back of the toilet bowl and see if it absorbs water.

Check the water storage tank

Can you hear the water storage tank refilling when water-consuming appliances are not in use? It may be easier to hear this at night.

  • Look for signs of water under the overflow pipes from the water storage tank – usually seen on the external wall on the side of your home.

Check all taps

Check all your household and external garden taps for drips.

  • A dripping tap can waste over 1,500 litres of water a year and can be repaired by simply replacing the washer.

Check water-consuming appliances

Check water-consuming appliances, e.g. washing machine and dishwasher, for plumbing issues such as dripping joints.

  • Also, some water-consuming appliances such as fridges with ice-makers or water softeners can have external overflows which can result in a constant overflow to a waste pipe when there is a fault.


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